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We Lend Cash on or Buy Anything of Value $5 to $50,000 Dollars


How Loans Work

Greenbrier Pawn Shop is the largest pawn shop and cash lender in Hampton Roads. We loan cash on diamonds, gold Rolex watches, anything of value.


Jewelry Store

We are the largest jewelry store in the area. With thousands of antique and vintage engagement rings to choose from. The most unique jewelry and engagement rings to be found.


What We Buy

Very simple...We buy anything of value. Diamonds to dozers. Whatever you have, we will buy. Think Pawn Stars, we can help you with whatever you want to sell.


Jewelry Repair

Greenbrier Pawn Shop offers full service jewelry repair. All work is done in-house and some can even be finished next day. Fast jewelry repair.

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How it all Works

Get a Pawn Shop Loan

            If you find yourself in the situation where you need an instant cash loan, then Greenbrier Pawn Shop in Chesapeake VA is your store. Making getting a personal loan easy is what we do. The process is simple: Bring an item in and we will evaluate it based on a number of factors and usually with in a minute or two offer you a loan. If you except that offer, then your items will be inventoried and listed on a Pawn Ticket. You will receive cash right then if the loan is under $2500. If over then you will get the portion over $2500 in the form of a check, per federal law. Within 30 days of receiving the pawn or personal loan you have three options. First you can come in any time and repay the loan and get your item back. Second, you may come back in and renew the loan by paying the interest and fee portion if you want to keep your item but don’t yet have the money for redemption. Third, simply don’t come back. We will default the item and sell it to recover our investment. This in no way is a bad mark on you. We are happy to extend loans again regardless of previous transactions.


Watch Henry Set a 1.5 ct Diamond Engagement Ring

Personal Loans

            Personal loansare basically the same as a pawn loan. The term we use makes no difference. Please stop in for a loan regardless of what you call it.


Loans for Bad Credit

            Here at Greenbrier Pawn or any of our three area stores we do not use your credit to determine if or how much we will lend you. Your collateral is your credit. Even if you default on a loan we do not report it or use it against you in the future. We are a true non-recourse lender.


Watch Liz Make a Pair of 1.5 ct Diamond Stud Earrings 

High-End Jewelry

            Greenbrier Pawn has long been known as the high-end pawn shop in Hampton Roads. Our commercials have been telling people for years we have no limits on the amount of money we will lend. Large Diamonds and Rolex Watches are common pawn items for us so we know how to value and safeguard your items.


Engagement Rings

            Diamond engagement rings are one of the most commonly pawned items. Mostly because they are easy to transport and bring large amounts of money. We have gemologists on staff and will offer top dollar on your quality wedding ring. Antique and vintage engagement rings bring a premium as do items of exceptionally high quality or size.


Gold and Platinum Jewelry

            As with wedding rings we take all items made of precious metals. Gold jewelry, platinum jewelry and Silver jewelry and silver flatware. These items do not need to be in perfect or even wearable condition. We take all gold, platinum and silver, old or broken does not matter.


Quality Electonics and Music Instruments

            When we talk about items other than jewelry and diamonds that we take we have a saying: Any item of value $5 to $50,000. Stop in and see us today.


Sell Your Valuables

            Selling an item works basically the same as getting a loan. Bring your item in and we will evaluate it and make you an offer. Super easy, in and out in five minutes.


Diamond Engagement Rings

We buy engagement rings and wedding rings of every description. Princess cut wedding rings to antique wedding rings or platinum princess rings. What ever you have gold or platinum we are happy to make you an offer.


Scrap Gold

            Greenbrier Pawn has been the leading buyer or gold in Hampton Roads for years. Scrap gold is no different than any other gold. It just happens to be not sellable for whatever reason. Greenbrier Pawn is happy to make you an offer on any gold


Sterling Flatware

            Silver flatware is just one of the items we buy. In some cases, just like jewelry some silver is only going to be valued as scrap, but some sterling flatware is worth much more than the silver content its made from.


Buy at Half of Jewelry Store Prices

            As we say in our commercials we sell for half the price of retail jewelry stores. How? Easy, we buy and refurbish every item that comes in. When you buy from us your buying a pre-owned piece. But don’t let that alarm you like I said we refurbish every piece and stand behind it with a 2-year warranty. And remember if you think we only have junk you could not be more wrong. High-end jewelry and quality diamonds are what we are known for. Remember every item we have came from one of those retail jewelry stores, we didn’t make it.


Engagement Rings

            Greenbrier Pawn Shop buys engagement rings of every description. There are no gold or platinum diamond rings we won’t buy. When it comes to, how much is my ring worth, well there are lots of factors. Quality of the diamond is first and foremost then size and weight of the gold or platinum mounting. White or yellow gold really plays no part in the equation as both have the same value.


Wedding Rings

Men’s wedding rings in general are heavier and as a result are worth more if you are only talking about a plain gold band. Of course when diamonds are in the piece we calculate those as well. All wedding bands of gold or platinum have a pawn value. Stop in today.


Promise Rings

            When you decide its time to start looking for a promise ring for your girlfriend please think of Greenbrier Pawn. We have hundreds of pieces of jewelry to chose from at amazing prices.


Vintage Engagement Rings

            Vintage is style of ring not just an antique ring. We have more vintage pieces than a traditional jeweler simply because we don’t buy new and resale. We acquire vintage rings from people all over the world as they pass through. As a result, we have a wide variety of inventory.


Antique Wedding Rings

            When it comes to true antique wedding rings versus reproduced antiques pawn shops are one of the few choices to find them. Estate jewelry and antique jewelry can’t be found on jewelry stores. They sell new items, we sell pre-owned or as I call them, Used. Its not a dirty word. Stop in and be amazed sometime at the amount of fine jewelry we have to offer. You won’t be disappointed.


Jewelry Repair

            Greenbrier Pawn Shop offers jewelry Repair. Full service jewelry repair, meaning ring sizing to custom design there isn’t a job we can’t handle. We perform all jewelry repair here in house. We have a bench jeweler and a goldsmith on staff. Additionally, our Hilltop location also has a full service repair center on site. Ring sizing, chain repair, soldering, jewelry cleaning, remounting, diamond setting, all done right here and performed fast. Call us today