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Best Pawn Shop in Chesapeake VA

Pawn Shops Chesapeake 23320
Greenbrier Pawn
1011 Eden Way North
Chesapeake, VA 23320
United States

(757) 382-9066

Greenbrier Pawn offers Chesapeake VA consumers the best Pawn Shop products and services. Our experts specialize in Pawn Shop loans,  Jewelry Store, Jewelry Buyer. Greenbrier Pawn has grown to be Chesapeake VA’s Pawn Shop Industry leader. Our local consumer service personnel are looking forward to helping you. For more information contact us at:  (757) 382-9066



 Best Pawn Shop in Chesapeake, VA

As one of the popular pawn shops in Chesapeake, VA, Greenbrier does its best to live up to our longstanding history everyday. Having been in business for nearly two decades, we have a longstanding history of commitment to what we do—not many pawnshops in Chesapeake can say that.

With so many years behind us, we’ve accumulated many things to offer, and customers come into to us for many different reasons. For one thing, Greenbrier is one of the only pawnshops in Chesapeake that specializes in gold jewelry—and we’re also one of the only pawn shops in Chesapeake that can truthfully say that. Many pawnbrokers will make false claims, but it’s best you find out for yourself. We have a variety of gold jewelry and other valuables for you to peruse and purchase, as well as being open and ready to offer you the best value for gold pieces.

Here are just a few types of items we carry at our pawnshop in Chesapeake:

  • Gold jewelry
  • Silver jewelry
  • Silver coins (pre-1964 US)
  • Silver flatware
  • Dental gold
  • Platinum
  • Rare coins
  • Silver bars
  • Placer gold
  • Estate Jewelry

Why Pawn Shops In Chesapeake Are Popular

As you can see, when it comes to pawn shops in Chesapeake, there isn’t much left uncovered here at Greenbrier. Though there are many pawn shop locations out there, we pride ourselves at being at the top. And the good thing is that lately, the way people perceive pawn shops is changing. This is probably due to two major things: a tough economy and the popularity of pawn shops due to reality televisions shops. Contrary to popular belief, pawn shops in Chesapeake aren’t places that should be visited as a last resort.

Not All Pawn Shops In Chesapeake Are Created Equal

Greenbrier Pawn is a pawn shop in Chesapeake that especially prides itself in our ability to market high-end jewelry, comparable to any popular, bigger jewelry store. However, the biggest difference is that we offer more competitive rates, because we don’t wildly inflate prices or give you a valuation on your jewelry that’s dramatically underpriced for its actual worth and condition.

Whether you want to come in for a loan or to purchase the perfect engagement ring, Greenbrier is a top-notch pawn shop in Chesapeake that acts as a one-stop shop for all of your various needs. In addition to offering great values for our jewelry, we match it with the great value on our loans. Loans can be great way to get cash for your valuables fast and onsite for whatever your needs may be. We know parting with your item may be tough, but we assure you, you’re possessions are kept safely with us. In addition, our loan interest rates are fair and reasonable, so that you aren’t breaking the bank to get your item back.

Some pawn shops in Chesapeake aren’t interested in working with you as a customer, and will merely see you as a transaction. Greenbrier, on the other hand, considers you a valued person who we do mutual business with. We work to make every party involved happy.

If you’re in the area, pawn shops in Chesapeake can be the perfect avenue for many things; whether you’re looking for a great, inexpensive gold ring or a way to make some quick cash, we’re able to help. And we’re not just one of the many pawn shop in Chesapeake VA—we’re one of the exclusive pawn shops in Chesapeake that is rooted in history and customer service. Come in and see why.